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Product:  CAAST® with Ductal Inside

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Product:  CAAST® with Ductal Inside
Spring Valley Corp introduces CAAST® with Ductal Inside.  CAAST® is produced with Ductal® Ultra-High Performance Concrete.  Developed by Lafarge, Ductal® is the most widely researched and tested UHPC material in the marketplace today.  Research and development of Ductal® began more than 20 years ago, at the Lafarge Research Center in Lyon, France-the largest building materials laboratory in the world!
The result of their research was a technological breakthrough in cementitious materials.  Ductal ’s integrated fiber matrix means that it has an extremely low porosity and permeability, thereby attributing to its superior durability, ductility, and strength.  In fact, compared with conventional concrete, it has 6-8 times more compressive strength and up to 10 times more flexural strength.  The benefits of this strength are many, including: excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals, freeze-thaw, carbonation and chloride ion penetration.  In addition, it is extremely moldable, making it ideal for a vast range of architectural and structural precast elements that are thin and lightweight with many detailed surface finishes.
Over the years, Ductal’ s performance characteristics have been further tested, validated and certified by numerous independent academic and industry organizations-including the esteemed Centre Scientifique de Technique du Bâtiment in France.
CAAST® with Ductal® Inside has undergone independent and extensive testing for the North American market to establish and validate its superior performance and durability characteristics.

 Product Performance and Durability Testing