As an architect, I was typically a technical team member in support of designers, I have have worked for a variety of firms.   Now, as a sales consultant, I can now work with more that one firm at a time.   Whether large or small, I will serve your best interest.

Our Story

I have been a registered architect for 24 years and been involved in construction for over 35 years. Half of the time was spent working with owners, designers, engineers and contractors as a licensed professional.  For the last 10 years, I have focused on providing rainscreen systems for all types of projects, large and small.  What I am most proud of is the offerings of the companies I represent and the ability to provide honest evaluations of what products and systems are project appropriate.

Materials for Design offers an exciting range of rainscreen, exterior envelopes for the built environment.  

Our Approach

While asethetics is the primary concern of any design, the building envelope is more that just a surface: it is a system.  Materials for Design is not about a single product or method, we're about systems.  We offer solutions to design needs; whether it be for metal, terra cotta, concrete, phenolic panels or glass.   In addition to in depth knowlege of our materials we are also versed on installation and framing methods of adjacent materials and systems.